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Obama's Odds of Winning Are Overwhelming
Obama's Odds of Winning Are OverwhelmingFinally, some truth telling. The circus that is our media misinforms us on a daily basis, offering us Romney said this and Obama said that kind of reporting. Never any context or truths. But you can't ignore the electoral map, which is how we elect presidents in this country, and it's strong for Obama, and it will stay that way so long as the economy holds out. Romney would have to win all the swing states. Even if the economy reverses (the republicans are doing their best, aiming once again for another government shutdown, which disturbs the global economy) I still believe that most people realize that republicans have become this extreme party, one that's been bent on ousting and obstructing Obama.New York Times polling guru Nate Silver is out with his first 2012 presidential election forecast today, and he gives President Barack Obama a clear advantage over Republican nominee Mitt Romney heading into the summer. If the election were held today, Silver writes, Obama would have an 80 percent chance of winning re-election. But things could change quickly — Silver's model projects that Obama has a 60 percent chance of winning in November. 
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